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Eye Care Prevention for Blepharitis

2023-11-30 00:00:00Z

VisualEyes Optometrists - Blepharitis

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids, and symptoms will range from stinging, watery, itchy eyes, dry eyes and red, swollen eyelids. It is very common, and American optometrists testify that at least half of their patients show some sign of blepharitis. Dealing with blepharitis will be really challenging for patients.

If you are struggling with blepharitis, know that it will be aggravated by a range of airborne substances, and is a common symptom of seasonal hay fever during springtime. Another possible cause is by a reaction to the tiny mites that live on your skin/eyelashes, named ‘demodex mites’. Overgrowth of bacteria will cause blepharitis, an infection, and inflammation of the eyelids and often seen as red, inflamed, crusty eyelids, along with recurrent styes and demodex. There are two types of blepharitis, the first one is anterior blepharitis that affects the outside, front area of the eyelid, where your eyelashes are attached. And the second is posterior blepharitis that affects the inner eyelid, where the lid contacts the eye. Further, the patient will be more at risk of developing blepharitis if he has diabetes, wears contact lenses, is exposed to irritants like dust and chemicals or work or live in dry environments. More and more eye care professionals are understanding the importance of identifying demodex blepharitis. It is highly recommended to do an external eyelid examination.

The appearance of your eyelids and intensity of reddening, discharge and swelling will help determine the type and severity. Your blepharitis treatment will depend upon the type you have. After examining your eyelid swelling and running tests, your provider will prescribe treatment and give prescriptions. These treatments will help resolve bacterial infection and reduce irritation. Love your eyes!

For more tips on Eye Care Prevention of Blepharitis, contact VisualEyes Optometrists.

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