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“A very pleasant appointment!”
– Daurie Simmons

“Always accommodating, friendly, and honest (which lenses are good for the eyes, etc.). I never feel pressured to make a purchase and am very comfortable coming to this store.”
– Sadaf Butt

“As always, prompt and personable service! My kids and I all feel great knowing that we are being taken care of by people that care.”
– Anonymous

“Awesome customer service!”
– Karla Hunt

“Awesome service. I was seen at the actual time of my appointment. Staff was very friendly and the doctor was very helpful.”
– Anonymous

“Dr was excellent with my son, very patient and clear and made him feel very comfortable. Very happy with our experience.”
– Jameson Sacher

“Dr. Terri Vo is the best. She is very knowledgeable and offers the best service.”
– Anonymous

“Dr. Vo and her staff were super friendly, efficient, and the apt. was affordable.”
– Desiree Abrams

“Dr. Vo is a great doctor, but I was extremely irritated that they charge $50 to give me the PD, something which BY LAW they need to write on the prescription form. The prescription/eye exam is an $85 charge, and you’re going to wring more money from me for the PD? Unethical and greedy.”
– Anonymous

“Easy to schedule, little wait time, and friendly staff.”
– Anonymous

“Everyone was extremely friendly and kind. Things were done promptly and professionally. Great!”
– Meghan Short

“Excellent care and attention. My visit was quick but I never felt rushed. I was very pleased and will highly recommend to friends.”
– Jessica Gillis

“Excellent service and staff right in my neighborhood!”
– Anonymous

“Excellent staff and wonderful optometrist!”
– Anonymous

“Extremely pleased with the doctors and staff! Thanks to all!!!”
– Anna Fukara

“Eye exam was great. Help selecting new glasses ok.”
– Derek Scott

“eye exam was perfect. Doctor was terrific and efficient. Purchased lenses for reading sunglasses and believe the price is much too expensive. Was not given an option for a less expensive set of lenses for the sunglasses which I felt was not professional.”
– Barbara Goldstein

“Fast, Friendly and helpful. Thanks!”
– Anonymous

“Friendly and great service as always!”
– Jared Gillis

“Good customer service and a nice selection of glasses to choice from. The optometrist, Terri Vo, was very personable and answered any questions I may have had.”
– Karla Hunt

“Great customer service!”
– Vickie Garner

“Great experience as always. I have used this office for each of my yearly eye examinations and have never been disappointed. Great staff and doctor!”
– Randolph Wood

“Great experience!”
– Gabby Goodson

“Great experience!”
– Karyn Vining

“Great friendly customer service.”
– David Tress

Great interaction with staff and the optometrist. Thorough exam and listened to my issues.”
– Anonymous

“Great overall experience”
– Demetrius Goodwin

“Great selection of frames and lenses. Eye exams were comprehensive and quick. Prices are a little high but they have the best selection of eye wear in the area. I will be a long term customer.”
– Mark Condon

“Great service especially Miriam I believe her name is Miriam. She went out get way help me even to confirm and incorrect decision I made with another person. She’s fantastic. Keep her as long as youcan.”
– Anonymous

“Great service, great product line, only reason 4 out of 5? My particular frames will take at least 3 weeks to arrive. Not anyone’s fault – but I had to explain my reasoning!”
– Anonymous

“Great service! Everyone was helpful and attentive!”
– Elizabeth L’etoile

“Great service. Friendly folks. Great selection of glasses.”

Michael Knight

“Had a thorough eye exam with the optometrist, Dr. Bieber, who also did a nice job answering any questions I had (this was the first time I had seen her in the several years I’ve been going to VisualEyes for exams). I felt that she did an excellent job of figuring out my proper prescription. I was very happy with the experience and would gladly recommend her to others (5 stars for her). The receptionist at the front desk was also helpful and attentive, as was the technician who did the initial part of my exam (depth perception, color blindness test, etc.). A downside to the visit, though, came after I asked the optometrist if I could have my PD reading included with my prescription information (which she then indicated I could get from one of the opticians). The woman I then spoke to said that this 1-minute measurement would cost $50. Seriously???? I understand that they don’t want people to go elsewhere to purchase glasses, but that response guaranteed right there that I will NEVER purchase eyeglasses from them. Ever. Honestly, they would have done better by simply saying that it was their policy not to provide this information to customers instead of trying to extort money for the service (which does not, btw, require any sophisticated technical skills). So, thumbs up on the eye exam, and thumbs way down for the PD measurement policy.”
– Andrea Solarz

Had a very pleasant experience for may annual eye exam. Would highly recommend.”
– Anonymous

“Helpful staff, knowledgeable doctor, excellent service., great location.”
– Katie Garlock

“I appreciate that I was informed when an earlier slot opened up the day of my appointment. Everyone was very friendly. While I believe I received a thorough evaluation, I’ve been in practices before that had more pre-testing equipment for diagnostic testing and there were only two devices used for pre-testing at VisualEyes.”
– Kristen Reynolds

I came not for glases, but suffering from a stye in my left eye. Their clinician saw me right away, and provided a very thorough chek up of my general eye health and diagnosed the stye, for which I was given an anti-biotic ointment and care instructions. Staff were all caring, professional and thorough. Really could not be happier with the kindness and promptness — I was very grateful!”
– Anonymous

“I felt the staff was helpful and kind in helping me pick frames but then tried to up-sell me in every way possible. First, she quoted me a price on lenses with the most expensive anti-glare coating. The only reason I knew there were options is because I asked why the price was so high and then she told me I could get a cheaper coating that would meet my needs. Then, she sold me UV protection on the Trivex lenses I purchased. I later learned that both Trivex and polycarbonate lenses are inherently 100% UV protected so no additional coating is needed. I called and was told they will refund my money but had I not done research I would have been ripped off. I am not sure if she truly didn’t know her product or was trying to rip me off, but either way it’s not a good appearance. I recently read many negative reviews of this store but had a good experience in the past (2-3 yrs ago) so I decided to return. After this experience, I am inclined to try a new eye ware boutique next time. I am willing to pay higher prices for nicer glasses but I hate feeling like I am bring ripped off.”
– Anonymous

“I had an injury to me eye, so I made an on-line appointment to see the doctor. The first appointment on-line wasn’t for two days, but when the office called to confirm my appointment, having read my comments about the injury, the doctor brought me in that same night. She took me in as soon as I arrived at the office and gave my eye a thorough examination. The doctor assured me that there was no real damage to the eye, and she prescribed a medication to relieve the pain I was experiencing. All in all, despite the pain I was in, a very pleasant office visit.”
– Donna Norris

“I have been going here for several years now and I wouldn’t think switching given the Shirlington location’s high quality staff. Arminah provides that best customer service I’ve ever had, hands down. She’s incredibly responsive and remembers all of the little things, including complicated insurance information, details of my last visit, and even my voice when I call in, all of which make for an enjoyable experience.”
– Charlotte Ashford

“I really appreciate that VisualEyes offers Saturday appointments and always runs on time. Dr. Bieber did a thorough check, and in less than half an hour I had ordered my contacts and was on my way.”
– Anonymous

“I really liked the doctor, I didn’t feel rushed and she really explained my updated contacts to me.”
– Michelle Winston

“I received efficient and attentive service. Everyone was friendly and helpful.”
– Anonymous

“It was easy to get an appointment the same week I called and my check-up was quick and simple. I had brought work to do while waiting, but was seen immediately so barely had a chance to pull it out of my bag. The staff were also helpful in picking out a new frame for my glasses.”
– Anonymous

“It was excellent service as always….”
– Karen Mitchell

“Kind and friendly staff. Visit was prompt and around 30 minutes. Seamless through all parts of my time there. Great location.”
– Shayne Martin

“Lady on the phone was very curt and impatient. She seemed overwhelmed and unhappy to speak with me.”
– Anonymous

“My experience at VisualEyes was GREAT. Dr. Bieber was very patient with me each time during my eye exam for both glasses and contacts. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an Optometrist Doctor.”
– Vicki Taylor

“My experience was fast, well organized, and friendly. I enjoyed visiting this location and Dr. Vo was great.”
– Caitlin Boyd

“My eyes receive superb attention at VEO. Am very happy with my glasses and appreciate the optometrist’s candid review of my overall eye health.”
– Anonymous

“No complaints at all! Great selection and exceptionally well serviced for my visual needs.”
– Anonymous

“Overall it was ok. I was surprised my appointment was with a different doctor. All confirmations said dr Vo but she wasn’t in the day of my appointment. Not professional to not inform me of this change. The other doctor was fine though. The office assistant was not very customer friendly. She had a bit of an attitude. When she realized she wasn’t going to sell me frames she asked another lady who was much more customer focused to help her. That lady was supposed to call me back yesterday about an insurance question and I have still not heard from her. I believe in customer service so this experience was not the best.”
– Andrea Young

Professional on time and easy to find.”
– Michael Brumett

“Prompt. Friendly. Shared insights about astigmatism that I’d not heard before.”
– Mark lynn Ferguson

“The doctor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would have liked the woman that helped me with the billing and getting new glasses to have explained the bill a little clearer and in more detail before telling me the final cost.”
– Stephanie Voyles

“The environment is nice. They were on time for my appointment and the doctor was very nice. Insurance didn’t seem to cover much of the cost though.”
– Anonymous

“The examination is very thorough and they are extremely helpful in picking out new frames and lenses.”
– Maria Jackson

“The experience with the Dr. was very nice. However, the receptionist tried to charge me for services that my insurance covered. Luckily, I knew and confirmed my coverage. I paid the co-pay that I was expecting and they said they would follow up. I was right indeed and did not owe them anything more. Luckily, I questioned the the charges but I am sure many would have just paid and not thought anything of it. This left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, especially since I confirmed my coverage with them before coming in for my appointment.”
– Colleen Miglio

“The first pair of glasses your staff picked out was the one I went with. Great taste! I like that she was truthful in her opinion about glasses I was trying on.”
– Kathleen Mcgowan

“The office is clean and the selection of eyewear is very nice”
– Beverly Rogers

“The people were friendly but the frames are insanely expensive. I reluctantly paid for a pair of frames thinking maybe I had just forgotten how expensive new glasses are but when I got home I looked through my records to see how much I had paid at my last optometrist and realized I had paid less than half of what I spent at Visual Eyes. I immediately called them to ask for my order to be cancelled so I could get a refund but all they would give me was store credit. This was less than an hour since I had been in their store so it’s not like the glasses were already in production. It would have been easy for them to cancel the order but they refused.”
– Anonymous

“The service and expertise is eye wear is phenomenal. The selection of frames are all high end and fashion to today’s styles.”
– Mark Sprague

“The shop is clean and quaint. There was no wait time as I’d completed my documents online. I was seen by the visual specialist and not the Dr. The staff was friendly and asked plenty of questions bout my overall health. Desiree Abrams
The staff and doctors were so helpful and polite. I was running late and they still took me being eiffient and quick without making me feel rushed.”

– Regina Natale

“The staff at VisualEyes is very helpful and kind. I recommend this optometrist to friends and family. The location in shirlington is clean and cozy. They make your experience very special. As a patient you aren’t rushed and they make sure you are very taken care of.”
– Steven Didas

“The store was clean, they took my appointment on time and the staff and doctor were extremely friendly/helpful. Great selection of regular and designer frames with a discount provided for multiple pairs that I purchased. It was my first time here and I will definitely go back again for my follow-up visits.”
– Stephanie Iwasiw

“This is my 2nd year go to see Dr. Vo, and I like her. I haven’t had to wait longer than 5/10-mins to see her. I was looking for a Dr that would know my eyes and any changes that would occur or can occur and Dr. Vo has let me know things that will eventually change in my eyes, and I appreciate that.”
– Laureen Bowles

“This was my first visit and I felt as if I had been a patient here for a long time. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.”
– Rick Berg

“This was my second visit to the office and I am pleased still with this choice. Friendly staff, clean, easy to find, good location, and great doctor. The doctor that I visited on my first visit was gone but the new doctor that I saw was great! Very nice and thorough. Dr, Bieber is excellent and I would recommend her to others.”
– Anonymous

“Top notch service, great people , huge selection.”
– Armando Afzali

“Unprofessional staff. The WORST. Every time I walk by your store I point YOU out to my friends and tell them NEVER to walk in through your doors. I can’t believe I’m still getting emails from you even though I unsubscribe, and even called you to get off your list. No honor in keeping appointments and no honor in unsubscribe requests. I should Yelp about you.”
– Anonymous

“Very good service from doctor and staff.”
– Alfonso Rangel

“Very good service.”
– Anonymous

“Very good service.”
– Matthew Cabrera

“Very helpful, efficient, and nice to work with.”
– Anonymous

“Very kind staff- appreciate their patience.”
– Anonymous

“Very professional and thorough eye exam. I really appreciated the help I got picking out new frames.”
– Patricia Tuttle- newby

“Very professional and took the time to ensure the contacts I needed were the right power. Have been other places where I felt I was just being moved thru on a schedule vs taking time to get it right.”
– Anonymous

“Visual Eyes provides excellent service. Very friendly and easy to work with, convenient hours.”
– Jon O’bergh

“Was quickly seen and received my contacts in less than an hour. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.”
– Gregory Birch

“What a wonderful gem in Shirlington! Great staff and doctors.”
– Anonymous

“When I made my appointment, I was confirmed with Dr Vo, who wasn’t even in the day of my appointment. When I walked in, I wasn’t even greeted by the receptionist as I walked up to her desk. I had to ASK her myself if I needed to sign in. I ended up seeing Dr Bieber. I was only in to have an annual eye exam to renew my Rx for my contact lenses, but I wanted to try some others as well. She went downstairs (storage room???) to grab me a few different lenses and I sat alone at a small desk with a mirror to try them on. She re-checked my eyes for fit after I had them on and then disappeared downstairs. I sat upstairs for almost 20 minutes when I finally asked the receptionist where the doctor was, to which she replied “getting some more contacts downstairs”. So I waited another 5 minutes. Dr Bieber came back upstairs, still chewing on her lunch and told the receptionist that I was “all set”. At this point I just paid my co-pay and left. I ended up having to call them three more times to get them to send my Rx so I could order my contacts online. I don’t know how this place is still open – I’ve never had issues at any other business in Shirlington.”
– Sabrina Ortiz