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Eye Care Tips to Prevent Cataracts

2023-01-17 00:00:00Z

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There are many eye diseases that do not have symptoms or warning signs. You could have a problem before you know it. Even if you think your eyes are healthy, getting a dilated eye exam is the only way to know for sure. It is the only way to check for eye diseases early on when they are easier to treat and before they cause vision loss. Eye examinations will help detect cataracts and other eye problems at their earliest stages.

The technology behind cataract surgery has come a long way and is now done using lasers and or without any stitches. It is advisable to consult your eye doctor for the best-suited procedure before your cataract matures. Cataracts are a common part of the eye’s aging process. Since most cataracts are related to age, it happens due to the normal changes in your eyes as you get older. Cataracts develop quickly though they vary based on the individual. In the same way, the speed of cataract development even varies between the two eyes in the same person. But you will also get cataracts for other reasons like an eye injury or after surgery for another eye problem. While some types of radiation will cause cataracts. Cataracts cannot heal by themselves or with any sort of medication. When your prescription glasses will not clear your vision, the only effective treatment is surgery. Most eye doctors suggest cataract surgery when your cataracts begin to affect your quality of life or interfere with your ability to perform normal daily activities such as reading or driving at night.

Your eye health will impact your overall quality of life. For most people, there is no rush to remove cataracts because they usually do not harm the eyes. But it will worsen faster in people with certain conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity. When vision loss starts to interfere with your everyday activities, consider cataract surgery.

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