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How to Help Kids Get Comfortable with Eyeglasses

2020-10-15 00:00:00Z

How To Help Your Kids Get Used With Their Eye Glasses in Fairfax, VA

Healthy vision and eye care good are top priorities of every patient. Some kids are simply not blessed with perfect vision. Eyeglasses become an important tool to aid them to see more clearly. When kids are new to specks, it's natural for them to feel strange while wearing them. A lot of kids have a hard time adjusting to eyeglasses at first. But parents should be firm and continue to encourage the child to wear them.

But easily said than done. How can parents really help their kids change their negative perspective on their glasses?

Get The Right Fit - Kids certainly can't bear wearing ill-fitting specks. They will constantly take them off than actually wearing them all the time. If you think your child's glasses are too tight or too loose that they are frequently falling off from his/her ears, have them adjusted or might as well get a new pair. Find the right size and style for their age. With the right-fitting glasses, they will surely learn to love them in no time.

Introduce Eyeglasses Slowly - In many cases, kids can't tolerate wearing glasses all day. So ask them to wear it for at least an hour each day. Then, slowly increase the duration until such time that they are finally fully-adjusted and can last wearing them all day.

Introduce Someone Who Can Be Role Models - Let your kids know that there are people like them who are wearing glasses. May it be someone they know in real life or even a fictional character like Superman or Harry Potter.

Stay firm - Don't let your kids talk you out of it. Be firm when you ask them to wear their glasses. In times, when you are not around to check on them, let their teacher, babysitter, or other authority figures to encourage your child to wear their glasses constantly.

Have them choose their own frames - It will be easier for children to learn to love their glasses by allowing them to pick the glass frames that will make them feel confident while wearing them. No matter what frames they choose as long it is a personal choice. They will surely get used to wearing them for they think it's cool since they choose the glasses themselves.

If there's a need for glass adjustment, contact Visual Optometrists or bring them in our office. We can help your kids adjust on their new pair of sunglasses.

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