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How To Prevent Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

2023-10-31 00:00:00Z

VisualEyes Optometrists

We hope to help you prioritize vision health. As it pertains to vision health, prevention can be your best friend as it pertains to pink eye. Seek knowledge, prioritize hygiene, and you can prevent its spread to you and your family.

Pink Eye is a viral eye infection. It's an outbreak in the rainy season. Protect yourself from getting and spreading pink eye conjunctivitis. It is highly contagious.

Pink eye is the inflammation of the lining of the eye and eyelid. Since it is highly contagious and easily transmissible, it is recommended to take precautions to prevent getting infected. In case you show any symptoms like redness or swelling of water eyes, having a gritty feeling, experienced itchiness, irritation or burning or have a green/yellow discharge from your eyes, sensitivity to light and crusting of the eyelids or eyelashes, it is time to visit your eye doctor immediately. Pink eye happens when the white part of your eye and the inside of your eyelids are irritated by an infection or by allergies. Eyes become red and swollen, and will have a sticky discharge. You will get pink eyes in one or both eyes. It is usually caused by adenovirus or mild cold and flu but will also be caused by herpes simplex and other viruses. Preventing the spread of pink eye, practice good hygiene to control the spread of pink eye. To prevent spreading of this virus, avoid close contact with others until the discharge has gone. Wash hands properly and regularly. Never share your towels and tissue paper etc. with anyone. It is important to take measures to prevent its spread. Also remember to consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Protect your eyes, prevent pink eyes! Eye problems are never fun, especially for kids. Pink eye is a common childhood ailment that will also spread to adults. Consult an eye specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Antibiotics will be necessary for bacterial pink eye. Remember, early detention and proper care will help you bounce back quickly. Keep your eyes healthy!

For more tips on preventing and treating for Pink Eye Conjunctivitis, contact VisualEyes Optometrists.

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