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How To Tackle Eye Allergies

2020-05-15 00:00:00Z

How To Tackle Eye Allergies in Alexandria, VA

Spring brings warmer weather, blossoming flowers and vibrant greens which a lot of people seem to enjoy. However, some people, particularly those with allergies find it hard to appreciate spring. Unfortunately, those who are hypersensitive to pollens suffer terribly from sniffles, wheezes and red, itchy, puffy eyes.

There are several elements that trigger allergic reaction. It may be dust mites, pet dander and fumes but the major culprits during spring are pollens . A lot of plants tend to produce more pollens at this time of the year. This tiny particles are carried by the air and can get into our eyes unnoticed. When this takes place to a person with overactive immune system, it results to itchy watery eyes and congested drippy nose with a lot of sneezing.

Typically, the eye's response to allergens include watery, red eyes that is super itchy which makes you want to rub it. There's also that gritty, burning sensation as eyelids become swollen.

How To Soothe Eye Allergy Symptoms

When your taking anti-histamine, make sure to stay hydrated and use eye drops to soothe eye irritation because allergy medications can dry them out. Also, it's better to use glasses rather than contact lenses, since it can prevent allergens to get into your eyes. Finally, the itch would tempt you to rub your eyes, but refrain from doing so as this could worsen your symptoms.

While we can't totally avoid pollens and other allergens, we can prevent the likelihood of an allergic attack by lessening your exposure. Keep the windows closed and skip using window fans which may blow the pollen into your home. Also, wearing a mask comes handy not only in the prevention of pollen inhalation but also to avoid coronavirus contraction. Same goes with wearing eyeglasses for eye protection against allergens and viruses. From our previous blogs, we informed you that the eyes is another portal of entry (aside from nose and mouth) for the coronavirus to penetrate our respiratory system.

If you have persistent eye allergies or your symptoms are getting worse and troublesome, contact VisualEyes Optometrists. Our eye doctors can prescribe medications to help taper off the symptoms and provide you more tips on keeping allergies at bay.

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