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The Importance of Eye Exams For Kids

2020-08-24 00:00:00Z

The Importance of Eye Exams For Kids in Fairfax,VA

Like adults, kids too need to have their eyes checked by an optometrist annually. Eye exams for kids are intended to detect any child vision problems early.

Unable to see clearly at such a young age has a huge impact on their learning, visual task performance, social development, and athletic competitiveness. Learning is 80% visual, reading and writing require the eye to see clearly what they need to read and write. So imagine the struggle of your kid having poor eyesight.

Importance of Comprehensive Eye Exam For Kids

The eye exam makes use of the Snellen Eye Chart to diagnose many vision problems not merely nearsightedness and farsightedness. These include astigmatism, visual perception, hand-eye coordination, and essential binocular vision skills such as tracking, focusing, and learning. Apparently, the abovementioned eye conditions can adversely affect the child's learning if left unattended.

Since kids can't fully express themselves verbally or rather too young to distinguish the difference between having good or poor eyesight, it would be difficult to early diagnose an eye problem if annual comprehensive eye exams are missed. There's a tendency of getting misdiagnosed with a behavioral problem because they exhibit multiple learning disorder symptoms.

Unlike adults, children don’t have the vocabulary or understanding to recognize what “good eyesight” is supposed to be like. They only have their own experience to go off of, so if it hurts to focus on close-up work for long, they probably won’t know why. They might believe they’re not smart enough for school. They might, in fact, display a lot of the symptoms common in learning disorders, and without a comprehensive eye exam, there’s a good chance they’ll be misdiagnosed with one.

While there are some eye problems that can be readily detected, there are other conditions with subtle symptoms such as reading comprehension issues, difficulty performing or completing school tasks, very short attention span, fidgeting, frequent blinking and rubbing of the eye, headaches that are prevalent and a habit of covering one eye.

Sending your kids to your trusted optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam to rule out or determine any eye problem at an early stage to address it right away before the condition gets worse.

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