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Why Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

2020-04-10 00:00:00Z

Why Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes in Alexandria, VA

We rub our eyes for a variety of reasons, Generally, people understand that is something to avoid, but a surprisingly high number of people don’t know why we should avoid rubbing our eyes. Today we’re going to help you out there.

Several types of microorganisms reside on our skin especially in our hands. The skin flora consists of bacteria, germs, and yes, viruses. Unlike the skin, the eyes are more susceptible to becoming infected, but they are not totally defenseless. Irritants are filtered by your eyelashes, while blinking of the eyes is an automatic response to keep the irritants out. Then, there's the lacrimal gland that produces tear to protect the cornea from various foreign bodies that reach the surface. But rubbing the eyes can in fact cause injury to the cornea. This minor injury can be a portal of entry for germs to invade and infect the eyes.

How To Properly Protect Our Eyes?

It is best to avoid touching the eyes as much as possible. When you need to touch it like when you are inserting your contact lenses, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly first. Also, make sure your fingernails are trimmed so germs may not hide in your nails and spread to your eyes when you touch it.

If you think you have symptoms of eye infection such as itchiness, redness, burning, and watery eyes, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. Contact VisualEyes Optometrists anytime.

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