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Your Next Eye Exam Can Protect Against Glaucoma

2020-01-14 01:00:00Z

Your Next Eye Exam Can Protect Against Glaucoma in Arlington, VA

We are all familiar to the term, "Prevention is Better Than Cure" and this is undoubtedly true about the eye disease called Glaucoma. Early diagnosis and treatment lessens the devastating effect of the disease.

Many new year’s resolutions involve the commitment to improved health. However, many are not aware that taking an eye exam is one of the most effective way of uncovering a multitude of health issues that effect more than vision. Your Doctor of Optometry is skilled at diagnosing the potential for hypertension and diabetes.

Back to glaucoma, its detrimental impact upon vision is detected through an eye exam even before a patient observes symptoms. The disease is asymptomatic in early stages. Patient may not notice any vision loss or experience any pain. It is accurately referred to as the “sneak thief of sight.” When symptoms present to the sufferer, irreversible eye damage might have occurred.

Glaucoma can lead to loss of sight by injuring the optic nerve. This nerve is responsible in transmitting information from the eyes to the brain. Peripheral vision will start to diminish when the optic nerve is damaged. Over time, when left untreated, glaucoma can affect the central vision. Unluckily, vision cannot be restored when it is lost to glaucoma. It can be lessened, however, if the disease is detected and treated early.

Prevent Blindness America promotes January’s National Glaucoma Awareness Month as it unites other leading eye care groups to educate the public about the disease and what they can do to help save their vision.

Don’t take a chance on the gift of vision. Contact VisualEyes Optometrists here in Arlington today.

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