Using FSA and HSA Dollars for Care and Products

Using Flexible Savings Account and Health Saving Account Dollars for Eye Care

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HAS), don't wait until the last week of December to take care of yourself and your vision. We’ll be happy to consult you regarding your FSA or HAS coverage limits and how to file your claim.

When Should I Schedule My FSA/HAS Covered Eyecare Appointment?

Do that as soon as possible. Every year vision care providers get swamped with December appointment requests by people panicking about running out of time to use their “use or lose” FSA dollars. Those of you with HSA accounts enjoy the benefit of those dollars rolling over. Regardless, the seasonal rush for eye care late in the calendar year limits your appointment time flexibility and adds yet another appointment to your already hectic Holiday schedule. Get it done now!

How Does FSA and HAS Work?

When you sign up for an FSA or HSA, money from each paycheck is automatically deposited into an account. You can use this account to pay for health expenses that aren't covered (or are only partially covered) by insurance. You decide on the amount in advance, and since the contributions aren't taxed, each dollar goes farther. An FSA or HAS provides you with tax-free dollars to use toward any eye care expenses not covered by your vision insurance plan.

Can I Use FSA and HSA Dollars for Expensive Designer Frames and Contact Lenses?

Yes, with caveat. Some FSA and HAS account rules place some limit on the amount that can be applied to premium frames and lenses, but in the end, you’re going to get designer products at non-designer pricing.