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Symptoms That Suggest the Need for Corrective Eyeglasses

2020-08-10 00:00:00Z

Symptoms That Suggest the Need for Corrective Eyeglasses in Arlington, VA

Blurred vision is probably, the most obvious sign that you need to get corrective glasses or contacts as soon as possible. However, unknown to many that there are other signs that suggest the need to secure corrective eyewear sooner than later. The following are signs that you need to pay attention to as these indicate the need for an immediate eye check to know if corrective glasses or contacts are necessary:

  • Frequent rubbing of the eyes to clear them
  • Frequent headaches
  • The need to use fingers to guide you when you are reading
  • Eye strain
  • Halos and glare in vision
  • Neck pains

If you are experiencing the symptoms constantly, it's best to visit your eye doctor to check out your eye condition. Annual eye check is highly recommended but if these symptoms are bothering you because it is already causing disruption to your daily activities, you should see your optometrist sooner even between your regular annual appointments.

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